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The united states specialty sports association provides rules and regulations for a number of amateur sports throughout the nation. The usssa was established 50 years ago for the sole purpose of promoting the play of slowpitch softball and providing opportunities in league and tournament play at local, state and the national. The fastpitch season and team registration will run from august 1 until july. Interpretations understanding the rules of the game. Girls fastpitch softball rules girls fastpitch softball. That means that tournaments scheduled after august 1 are considered 2020 events and in order to participate in them a team must be registered for 2020.

We pay day of event or within in 96 hours of end of event. All sport official this registration covers officials for any usssa sanctioned event in any usssa sport fastpitch slowpitch, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and. An inner sole shaped device that is attached to the front sole of a softball shoe to extend the toe of the shoe does not comply with the nfhs softball rules. Fastpitch usssa united states specialty sports association. Michael, munch, allison, sadowski, ed, reuter, diane, briscoe, don on. Asa i know were talking usssa, but just drawing a parallel says this repeatedly throughout their rule book, and it seems we cant say that enough. Even if a bat with the new mark passes the tests in the lab, the bat model may still be removed from usssa play if it proves to be one which exceeds the bpf limit during actual play without showing dramatic damage. Rules for usssa georgia youth fast pitch softball and. Hendersonville is one of the fastest growing cities in the united states and is about 15 minutes from the home of. It is almost hard to believe that we are just making headways in texas everything about usssa is powerful. Fastpitch softball must be clearly printed on the ball.

An exciting new brand has emerged from our national office. In short, all the teams that were created and all rosters that were submitted for the 2019 season expired on july 31, 2019. If your fastpitch softball league is governed by a different body, the chances are that if your bat bears the approval of either asa or usssa, it will be legal in your league. Blue book 60 provides the ultimate teaching and reference tool for umpires. Usssa fastpitch rules usssa united states specialty sports. They are effective january 1, 2020 and will be revised in the online rule book. Usssa fast pitch case book 2016 page 3 rule 1 playing field the field situation a. Neighboring states keeping eyes on wyomings slow embrace of softball.

Rule interpretations, 5800 stadium parkway melbourne fl 32940 or email. Tournaments and leagues played after august 1, will qualify teams for the. What are the current rules and regulations regarding. Blue book 60 is the top rated fast pitch rules guide in publication for 10 seasons now. With over 25,000 registered fastpitch teams across the country usssa is a powerful force in the world of softball. However, it is always a good idea to check with your leagues website or director for specific rules, regulations, and lists of approved bats. Event searchvenuesfacilitiesusssa points structure. Usssa releases 2019 fastpitch rule changes when usssa gathered in temecula, california for its 51 st annual convention in november, fastpitch leadership announced several rule changes for the upcoming season. Tools are available for each coach to track player stats. Featuring ncaa, nfhs, usssa and usa softball rule sets. From this page you can access the monthly files intended to sharpen your skills as a usa softball umpire.

The amateur softball association of american sets the universal rules for softball in the united states. Differences between asa and usssa rules softball at bellaonline. The usssa sanctions, creates, and promotes a variety of sports including softball, baseball, and basketball. Azusssa arizona fast pitch softball official website. According to their official rule book, obstruction is when a defensive player affects or prevents a batter from swinging at a pitched ball or hinders the progress of a runner. The softball year for usssa runs from august 1 to july 31. Ohio high school athletic association 4080 roselea place, columbus oh 43214 fax. Colorado girls softball coaches association for coaches, players and parents to see what is going on in the community. Usa softball asa usssa fast pitch softball rules billy martin, allison munch. The online rulebook supersedes any printed edition. Those stats will show up on a players individual page. Bats with the old usssa mark are being phased out and for fastpitch the phase out period will last until january 1, 2014. Provide the highest possible athletic experience for every participant through an uncompromising commitment to excellence in sports administration. Usa softball and usssa to co host us games team usa.

For more officiating resources basketball and softball visit 60 seconds on. Games brings usa softball and usssa together as cohosts. Provide the highest possible athletic experience for every participant through an uncompromising commitment to excellence in sports. New york high school softball pitcher strikes out all 21 batters in. With few exceptions, georgia usssa girls fast pitch will abide by the rules and bylaws governed by the 2014 usssa rulebook. What is girls fastpitch softball girls fastpitch softball january 8, 2014 at 10. Rule change field and equipment rules 117, 2224, table 51, 511o media shall be prohibited from. National fastpitch softball coach of the year 2017.

Arkansas usssa fastpitch home usssa rule book sso events ase softball events nwa sports production events delivery maxx. United states specialty sports association wikipedia. Some are more subtle than others, but if a coach has a team that will be playing in games under both rule sets, then he should be aware of the differences. They are effective january 1, 2019 and will be included in the forthcoming online and printed rule book update. Usssa is well established in most of the country already.

The online rule book supersedes the printed edition there are no other rule books that govern usssa fastpitch. As we move forward our commitment and goals remain the same. Their world championships held in florida every year are. Featuring ncaa, nfhs, usssa and usa softball rule sets martin, billy, malloy, tim, schiro, dr. Alabamas libby baker sets softball national record. You can search for any player that has been added to an online usssa roster. The usssa state office reserves the right to adjust team classification at any time including during the season. Softball leagues have the option of aligning themselves with usssa to take advantage of their organizational structure, their rules and to get access to the tournaments the association puts on throughout the year. They arent worth it, and there are much better ways of handling it. Georgia usssa girls fast pitch softball usssa fast pitch official playing rules. Blue book 60 is the top rated fast pitch rules guide in publication for 10.

What is great about this book is that it has the rules for each level of the game as well as the major us fast pitch softball associations. This way usssa is certain all umpires are properly covered. Please contact us with any and all ideas that can possibly elevate us to achieve our mission. Usssa offers programs and tournaments in baseball, basketball, fastpitch, flag football, golf, martial arts, lacrosse, soccer, slowpitch, and volleyball. At its 52nd annual convention in fort myers, florida, usssa introduced several fastpitch rule changes for the 2020 season.

Contact your state director with any questions on the rule changes. Coaches are encouraged to register for the classification that they think best fits their team. The usssa rule book states that the ball must go up at least three feet from the. As a participant in a senior softballusa senior softball world championships tournament, including qualifiers and international tours, i agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing i will. Baseball rules and regulations usssa east maryland. Usssa rule book usssa georgia youth fast pitch softball. And to stock up on stylish team usa gear that you can wear all year round, visit the team usa shop. Our rule book is now on a two year print cycle and this is the off year. Myers, florida, usssa introduced several fastpitch rule changes for.

Adding players to a roster, may affect the classification of the team. Case book for fast pitch new england usssa fastpitch. Baseball, fastpitch, slow pitch, karate, basketball, soccer and more. This is intended as quick summary of areas of significant differences in usssa fast pitch rules. Usssa links usssa national website missouri usssa website world series national locations usssa fast pitch rule book how. Empower our team and its partners with an unsurpassed platform to create and support worldclass athletic events and sports programming to enrich and educate the lives of participants at all levels. Usssa fastpitch is really starting to make a move in texas. Softball rules committee welcomes four new members. January 24th in bradenton, fl and february 15th in hampton, ga. All inquiries pertaining to playing rules interpretations should be sent to. Utah sports association, utah usssa is a sofball company for fastpitch and slowpitch softball located in utah and idaho. As the umpires arrive at the field for a female fast pitch game, the umpires notice that the left field fence is a 175 feet or b 240 feet.

Like most softball sanctioning bodies the rules of usssa play are virtually identical to pony, asa and other. Usssa rule book view rule book team classifications. New bat rules usssa united states specialty sports association. Well be in touch with news, updates, and ways you can help the team. It details page by page the rules of the game with very specific columns giving you the differences between organization at each level. Baseball fastpitch slowpitch gsl slowpitch basketball 3 on 3 basketball 5 on 5 soccer volleyball junior golf team golf disc golf karate taekwondo lacrosse flag football officials home. The pitcher in fast pitch softball must stay off the pitching rubber until she has. Abide by the current official senior softball guide and playing rules to the best of my. Blue book 60 is the top rated fast pitch rules guide in publication for 10 seasons now in the us and canada. Usssa fastpitch softball bat rules new england usssa. Four out fielders must be 10 feet behind base path. The device alters the manufactures design of the shoe 185. With few exceptions, ct usssa fastpitch will abide by the rules and bylaws governed by the usssa fastpitch rulebook. With few exceptions determined by local tournament directors, florida usssa girls fastpitch will abide by the rules and bylaws governed by the 15th edition usssa rulebook.

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