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A quantum physical effect of consciousness by shan gao. Invited plenary speaker at numerous international conferences. He earned a bs in physics from the university of michigan, and an. Henry stapp though is not one of those a physicist with a distinguished history having studiedworked under pauli, heisenberg, and other luminaries, stapp disagrees with a purely materialist view of the cosmos, instead seeing consciousness as being of extreme importance via its role in the collapse of the wavefunction. Stapp bases his theory of consciousness on heisenbergs interpretation of. It discusses the views of three thinkers who have argued in different ways for the relevance of quantum theory to both consciousness and free will. Quantum physics of consciouisness by henry stapp, fred. There are far fewer equations than in many of his other writings, but any serious reader will find a basic understanding of contemporary consciousness and quantum theory helpful before picking up.

Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read mindful universe. In his 2004 book mind, matter, and quantum theory, he develops a psychophysical theory of mind that depends on our modern understanding of reality in the light of quantum mechanics. Henry stapp has spent his entire career working in frontier areas of theoretical physics. Logic of quantum mechanics and phenomenon of consciousness, michael b. One of the main aims of bohms 1951 book quantum theory was to explicate the physical meaning of the borthodox or.

It is argued on the basis of certain mathematical characteristics that classical mechanics is not constitutionally suited to accommodate consciousness, whereas quantum. The title of this book is consciousness and the universe and it was written by roger penrose, stuart hameroff, henry p. I also suggest that stapps theories are inadequately developed. Book title mind, matter and quantum mechanics authors.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Stapp received his phd in particle physics at the university. Henry stapp is well known for his complex theoretical discourses on the nature of the mind and brain. Quantum mechanics and the participating observer ebook written by henry p. Stapp is a leading quantum physicist who has given particularly careful thought to the implications of the theory that lies at the heart of modern physics. He states in the preface to this 1993 book, this volume brings together several works of mine that aim to answer the question. An interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness 2. A popular suggestion about the relationship between consciousness and quantum mechanics has to do with the role of the consciousness of the observer or experimenter in measurements for example, such a role is crucial in henry stapps view. This page summarises and comments on books and papers by leading quantum theorists including roger penrose, stuart hameroff, henry stapp and david bohm as well as less well known figures. But it would be unfair to single out any particular one, since most of these articles are outstanding.

These two are just some of the most intriguing articles in the book. Why classical mechanics cannot accommodate consciousness but quantum mechanics can. A quantum mechanical model of consciousness and the emergence of. How are conscious processes related to brain processes. The united nations, new york september 11, 2008 beyond the mindbody problem. Problems with henry stapps ideas on quantum mindmatter interaction there is a number of pending ideas about how some concepts of physics and metaphysics can be seen as naturally fitting together, but, as a matter of sociological accident, we are facing a lack of true or fake physicists to care standing up to publicly utter these natural.

Henry stapp on quantum mechanics and human consciousness. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read mind, matter and quantum mechanics. Henry stapp is a quantum physicist who worked with both wolfgang pauli and werner heisenberg. Henry stapp believes that classical physics cannot describe the brain, and thinks that a quantum framework is needed for a full explanation. Stapp moves beyond the ideas of a world of classical material particles obeying. Rosenblum, bruce, kuttner, fred, stapp, henry, al, et. Stapps book is a bold and original attack on the problem of consciousness and free will based on the openings provided by the laws of quantum mechanics. Henry stapp is an american physicist, known for his work in quantum mechanics. Quantum theory of the mindbrain interface lbl28574 from internat.

Exploring quantum theories of consciousness quantum mind. A quantum physical effect of consciousness, shan gao 128 15. This book collects several essays in which the american physicist henry stapp tackles the mindbody problem from the viewpoint of quantum theory. Henry stapp is a theoretical physicist at the university of californias lawrence berkeley laboratory, specializing in the mathematical and logical foundations of quantum mechanics. Quantum physics, consciousness, and free will oxford. Bohms 1952 theory seems to eliminate any need for the consciousness of the observer in quantum dynamics or. Stapp and a quantum physical effect of consciousness by shan gao. At the moment this comprises only one book, consciousness, biology and fundamental physics attempting a comprehensive overview of the topics. Henry stapp is an american physicist, wellknown for his work in quantum mechanics. Problems in henry stapps interpretation of quantum physics. Quantum mechanics and the participating observer the frontiers collection 2nd edition. Stapp, penrose, and smith, for example, claim that while classical mechanics is incapable of accounting for consciousness, quantum mechanics succeeds in providing explanations of how experience, unity of mind, free choice emerge from. Stapp has claimed that consciousness is fundamental to the universe.

Stapp works to establish the case that a causal gap within quantum theory makes it an open system into which free choice can enter. New paradigms in the science of consciousness an excerpt of henry stapp, phd talking about how quantum mechanics. Invited author of entries about quantum theories consciousness in several currently about to appear encyclopedias. I also highly recommend the book mindful universe by henry p.

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